Sony Releases New e-Readers

The e-reader wars are heating up with this new release from Sony, as reported by GalleyCat.

Sony has unveiled two new e-readers, poised to compete with Amazon Kindle and more affordable digital book readers like the Cool-ER device.

In the NY Times, the company introduced a $199 Reader Pocket Edition and a $299 Reader Touch editions of the Sony reader. The Pocket Edition (pictured, via) can hold up to 350 standard digital books. Many of the new and bestselling digital books on the device will now be sold for $9.99–matching one of the most controversial price points in publishing.

Here’s more from Sony’s Digital Reading Business Division president, Steve Haber, quoted in the article: “We are focusing on affordability … We have to offer value. It’s clear e-books should be less expensive than regular books, with the savings on printing and logistics getting passed on to the consumer.”


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e-Paper and e-Ink
Image by Terretta via Flickr

Publishers Weekly reports that

Lexcycle, the company behind the Stanza e-book reader for the iPhone and iPod touch, is having a busy week. Between March 8 and 14, Lexcycle is sponsoring Read-an-e-Book Week. During this week, selected titles by co-sponsoring publishers and authors—including Random House, All Romance Books and Cory Doctorow—are available for free downloading through the iPhone-accessible Stanza online store. O’Reilly is also offering 40% off all of its titles purchased through Stanza. Other sponsors of the week-long promotion include Sony and E-Ink.

Look here for links to sponsors who are giving away free and/or deeply discounted e-books.

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