The Missing Links – Nov. 21, 2011

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Max Andrews shares his Top Ten Philosophy, Science, and Theology Podcasts

J. P. Moreland talks about the argument from consciousness at last week’s ETS/EPS meeting in San Francisco (video).

Craig Blomberg discusses the historical Jesus and the reliability of the Bible (video).

Atheist philosopher Daniel Came criticizes Richard Dawkins’s decision not to debate William Lane Craig.

Chad Meister writes on “Atheists and the Quest for Objective Morality.”

Similarly, William Lane Craig lectures on the question “Is God Necessary for Morality” at Boston College Law School.

A distinguished group of evangelical scholars discuss the impact of the King James Version of the Bible (audio).

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World’s Most Interesting Bookstores


Selexyz Bookstore in Maastricht, Holland. The bookstore is installed in an old Dominican church.  Photography by madcrow

Open Culture points out a fascinating collection of photos of interesting bookstores around the world.

Miragebookmark has gathered some notable photos from unconventional bookstores around the globe.

The collection takes you from Holland to Paris, Helsinki, and Porto (Portugal), then to San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Calcutta and beyond.

Worth paying a visit.

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