City of Man (with Download of Foreword and Preface)


I recently had the pleasure of editing City of Man: Religion and Politics in a New Era by Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner,  releasing October 1 from Moody Publishers.  In this volume, Gerson and Wehner draw on their experience as former White House staff, journalists, and commentators on religion (especially evangelicalism) to chart a new course for Christians to engage with politics in a post-Religious-Right era.

Rather than focusing on specific strategies for influencing legislation or electing politicians, the authors outline broad biblical principles that should inform believers as they engage the realm of politics—the “City of Man” in the words of Augustine.  Such principles include fighting for human rights, defending life, supporting the family and other character-shaping institutions, and engaging with political and ideological opponents in a civil and respectful manner.

What I most appreciate about City of Man is that it isn’t partisan in its approach, though both authors are well-known conservatives, but that it strives to present biblically and theologically sound first principles that apply to Christians of all political persuasions.  I believe the authors succeed, and I recommend this volume to any Christian looking for a deeper understanding of how the City of God relates to the City of Man.

You can download the foreword (by Timothy Keller) and preface in PDF format here.

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Recent Apologetics Reading of Note

A few recommended resources I’ve recently come across . . .

  • 9 articles by Dr. Douglas Groothuis originally posted at the defunct

A Royal Ruin: Pascal’s Argument from Humanity to Christianity

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Learning From an Apostle: Christianity in the Marketplace of Ideas
(Acts 17:16-34)

Reincarnation and the Challenge of Jesus

The New Age Worldview: Is it Believable?

Understanding the New Atheism, Part 1: The Straw God

Understanding the New Atheism, Part 2: Attacks on the New Testament

What is Truth? (On the Nature and Importance of Truth Today)

Why Believe That Jesus Is The Only Way?

(HT: Manawatu CAS)

  • Introduction and first chapter of Peter Hitchens’s The Rage Against God, in which he describes his return to faith from atheism, and his differences with his brother, Christopher.

The book’s trailer is also interesting . . .

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Recent Free Books and Lectures Online

Lots of good audio and text resources are showing up online these days.  Here are a few I’ve recently discovered.

  • Three courses by Old Testament scholar John Goldingay (Fuller Seminary) are now available on iTunes.  The courses are The Pentateuch, The Prophets, and Biblical Hermeneutics. (HT Nijay Gupta)

  • The Genesis volume of the new Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary (ZIBBCOT) is available on Scribd for the month of October.  According to the Zondervan website “We’ll be posting additional commentaries from ZIBBCOT over the next 5 months.”


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