Recent Apologetics Reading of Note

A few recommended resources I’ve recently come across . . .

  • 9 articles by Dr. Douglas Groothuis originally posted at the defunct

A Royal Ruin: Pascal’s Argument from Humanity to Christianity

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Learning From an Apostle: Christianity in the Marketplace of Ideas
(Acts 17:16-34)

Reincarnation and the Challenge of Jesus

The New Age Worldview: Is it Believable?

Understanding the New Atheism, Part 1: The Straw God

Understanding the New Atheism, Part 2: Attacks on the New Testament

What is Truth? (On the Nature and Importance of Truth Today)

Why Believe That Jesus Is The Only Way?

(HT: Manawatu CAS)

  • Introduction and first chapter of Peter Hitchens’s The Rage Against God, in which he describes his return to faith from atheism, and his differences with his brother, Christopher.

The book’s trailer is also interesting . . .

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