Best Sellers in Physics

Large Hadron Collider dipole magnets.

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I am neither a physicist, nor the son of a physicist, but it’s undoubtedly a fascinating topic.  Here are the top 10 current best sellers:

1) The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom
Farmelo, Graham
Basic Books
2009. ISBN 0465018270 [9780465018277]. $29.95

2) Einstein’s Generation: The Origins of the Relativity Revolution
Staley, Richard
University of Chicago Press
2008. ISBN 0226770567 [9780226770567]. $98

3) The Speed of Light: Constancy & Cosmos
Grandy, David
Indiana University Press
2009. ISBN 025335322X [9780253353221]. $50

4) What Color Is the Sacred?
Taussig, Michael T.
University of Chicago Press
2009. ISBN 0226790053 [9780226790053]. $65

5) Plastic Fantastic: How the Biggest Fraud in Physics Shook the Scientific World
Reich, Eugenie Samuel
Palgrave Macmillan
2009. ISBN 0230224679 [9780230224674]. $26.95

6) Cracking the Einstein Code: Relativity and the Birth of Black Hole Physics
Melia, Fulvio
University of Chicago Press
2009. ISBN 0226519511 [9780226519517]. $25

7) Lives in Science: How Institutions Affect Academic Careers
Hermanowicz, Joseph C.
University of Chicago Press
2009. ISBN 0226327612 [9780226327617]. $55

8) Quantum Theory: A Philosopher’s Overview
Cannavo, Salvator
State University of New York Press
2009. ISBN 0791493474 [9780791493472]. $60

9) Deciphering the Cosmic Number: The Strange Friendship of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung
Miller, Arthur I.
W.W. Norton
2009. ISBN 0393065324 [9780393065329]. $27.95

10) Collider: The Search for the World’s Smallest Particles
Halpern, Paul
John Wiley
2009. ISBN 0470286202 [9780470286203]. $27.95

Via Library Journal.  Click here for the full list of the top 20.

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