Christianity & Western Thought, Volume 3: Journey to Postmodernity in the 20th Century

Here’s some fascinating info on this book series from IVP that began with Colin Brown’s Philosophy and the Christian Faith (published way back in 1968).  That book is still a very fine explanation of how the ideas of major historical philosophers relate to the Christian faith.  A proposed revision of the book morphed into the Christianity & Western Thought series, of which volume 3 has just been released.

Over the past eight or nine years we have repeatedly been asked when volume three would be published. “It’s coming,” we’d say. Well, it’s here! The first two volumes have been widely used as textbooks in philosophy and theology courses, and we expect nothing less of volume three.

I received my copy several days ago, and I’ve been dipping into it here and there whenever I get a chance. I’ve already enjoyed a judicious treatment of Bultmann. And this morning I found that their discussion of the early Wittgenstein goes well with oatmeal and peach. This is exactly the kind of book that any academically minded person—whether philosophy or theology is their field or not—will value. Bruce Ellis Benson’s blurb says it well:

Covering the twentieth century’s major figures and movements in philosophy and theology in one volume is truly a feat! That the authors have managed to narrate the history of both analytic and continental varieties of thought in an engaging and lively way is even more impressive. But what is perhaps more remarkable is how judicious and measured the authors have been in their appraisals of the respective figures and movements. The result is a most welcome achievement.

Hey, good things take time. First the acorn, then the spreading oak forty years on.

(Via Addenda & Errata)

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