Saddleback Apologetics Conference Audio and Video

Brian at Apologetics 315 now has the audio and video up from the recent Apologetics Conference at Saddleback church featuring Dinesh D’Souza, William Lane Craig, Norman Geisler, J. P. Moreland, Darrell Bock, and Greg Koukl.

Saddleback Church recently hosted an Apologetics Conference with a number of great apologists. Now their audio and video are available for listening and viewing online. But if you prefer MP3s or a podcast feed, you can download there right here:

• How Can I Know God Exists? – Dinesh D’Souza – MP3
• How Did the Universe Begin – William Lane Craig – MP3
• If God Exists, Why is there Evil? – Norman Geisler – MP3
• Has Science Made Belief in God Obsolete? – J.P. Moreland – MP3
• What Do the Gospels Really Say About Jesus? – Darrell Bock – MP3
• How Can I Defend My Faith Without Sounding Defensive? – Greg Koukl – MP3

RSS feed here. Subscribe directly in iTunes here. (HT: Rob)


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2 thoughts on “Saddleback Apologetics Conference Audio and Video

  1. Cannot play any of videos. I have a flash player. It works on all other sites except for this one. It freezes about 1/3 of the way into the video and it will not play any more. I’ve tried all morning & this afternoon. I cannot get by 5 min of the speaker talk without it freezing. Are u having server problems?

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