New Article by Freed Journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee

You have to admire the bravery and integrity of these two reporters to travel to China and North Korea to expose the sex trafficking that takes place involving North Korean defectors.  Ling and Lee describe how they were captured in the dispatch linked to below.

This morning readers devoured a gripping dispatch from Laura Ling and Euna Lee (pictured, via), the two American journalists recently freed from North Korean prison.

The Morning Media Menu also pondered the essay and AgencySpy editor Matt Van Hoven was worried that the journalists’ work would be lost in all the media attention: “The journalists were careful to emphasize the reason that they were near North Korea at all … was to report on sex trafficking and North Korean defectors.’The story of these two is so compelling, but I think it’s sort of over,” [Van Hoven] said. ‘And there is this whole other big issue that I hope doesn’t get lost.'”


(Via GalleyCat)

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One thought on “New Article by Freed Journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee

  1. Both journalists are convicted felons, sentenced to many years for their crimes against North Korea and should be locked up immediately regardless of any pardon because they both violated the Law and were sentenced.

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