Latest Biblical Studies Carnival

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Biblical Studies Carnival 45 is up at The Golden Rule.  Lots of thought-provoking, informative, and sometimes controversial posts.  Here’s a small sample:

Matt began a great series of scholar interviews including John Kloppenborg, Larry Hurtado and Andreas Köstenberger.  Mike Bird interviews Kavin Rowe on his work on Luke-Acts.  Rob Kashow had 10 questions for Daniel Wallace.  Chris Tilling found a goldmine of conservative scholarshipStephen Smuts links to a video with Chris Forbes on the references to Jesus in Josephus’ Antiquities, but the site also has a good interview with the late Martin Hengel.  Nick Norelli links to a number of articles by Scott Hahn.  Some scholars took a bit of a beating in August.  Kevin Edgecomb argues that Wellhausen and other giants of German Liberal Protestant scholarship built on a rotten foundation of anti-Semitism.  Shocking as it may sound, not everyone is fond of the good Bishop Wright.  Paul Helm and Gerald Bray expressed their critiques, but the latter provoked some critical responses.

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