Free Download of the Book “The Future of the Internet: And How to Stop It”

If you’re interested in trends in technology, this looks like interesting reading. (Via Open Culture)

zittraincover2Lawrence Lessig calls Jonathan Zittrain’s book “Absolutely required reading.” Cass Sunstein says it’s “Absolutely essential reading.” And Lawrence Tribe declares that it is “The most compelling book ever written on why a transformative technology’s trajectory threatens to stifle that technology’s greatest promise for society.”

The book is The Future of the Internet–And How to Stop It.  You can buy it on Amazon for $11.56, or, even better, you can download it for free from Zittrain’s web site. Visit the web site, and find the PDF here. Thanks for this tip goes to Tony Yet, who guest blogged TED to China: An Inside View earlier this summer.

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