Online Resources for Organizing Your Research

I’m a sucker for these kinds of posts.  Tyndale Tech lists several helpful online services and software for managing the various kinds of information you work with.  With these tools you can:

  • have an electronic photographic memory which is searchable
  • have automatic backups, ready for the day your computer dies
  • access your work and software from any web-connected computer
  • and you do NOT have to be continuously online.

The top 5 tools are the following.

1) Dropbox: Access your files on any computer – even with a poor connection
2) DjVu: Search everything you’ve read – with intact Greek & Hebrew
3) Zotero 2: Your automated librarian and bibliography/footnote creator
4) LogMeIn: View and control your computer from any other computer
5) GoogleDesktop: Index your whole life and find it again on any computer

The site lists additional details for each, such as this for Dropbox.

1) Dropbox: Access your files on any computer – even with a poor connection:

Where should you keep shared files? – on your computer or online?

  • Files on your computer are fast and available even when the internet fails,
  • Files online are backed up and can be accessed on any computer

Now you can have BOTH, automatically updated, by using Dropbox.

  • files in your Dropbox folder live on your computer, and online
  • they are automatically kept in sync with identical folders on your other computers
  • or, on a public computer, you can go online and load the file from your storage
  • and if you accidentally delete it, the last three revisions are safely online

Get a free 2.25 Gb Dropbox here (enough space for about 2000 PhD theses!)
Nearest rivala: SugarSync – 2 Gb free, on only one extra computer or PDA
and LiveMesh – 5Gb online free, and syncs more. In Beta, but looks good.

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