"The Spiritual Blessings of the Gospel Represented by a Feast" – Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards
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I currently have the pleasure of editing a series of five books on Jonathan Edwards that are forthcoming from Moody Publishers, which I’m excited about.  I believe they will be a good and accessible introduction to Edwards’s life (one book is a biography) and work (the other four are topical studies) from two scholars who know him well – Dr. Douglas Sweeney and Owen Strachan.

I’m finding some great quotes along the way and I’ll share a few here from time to time.  This quote is from a sermon mentioned in the title above, in which Edwards compares the blessings of life in Christ to a great feast.

There is every kind of thing dispensed in Christ that tends to make us excellent and amiable, and every kind of thing that tends to make us happy. There is that which shall fill every faculty of the soul and in a great variety. What a glorious variety is there for the entertainment of the understanding! How many glorious objects set forth, most worthy to be meditated upon and understood! There are all the glorious attributes of God and the beauties of Jesus Christ, and manifold wonders to be seen in the way of salvation, the glories of heaven and the excellency of Christian graces. And there is a glorious variety for the satisfying the will: there are pleasures, riches and honors; there are all things desirable or lovely. There is various entertainment for the affections, for love, for joy, for desire and hope. The blessings are innumerable.

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2 thoughts on “"The Spiritual Blessings of the Gospel Represented by a Feast" – Jonathan Edwards

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  2. I look forward to reading the forthcoming books very much! I took a class on Edwards from Dr. Sweeney a little over a year ago and it was excellent. He really helped me to understand Edwards and his theology. Edwards’ theology is unique especially in our union with Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit, in my opinion (as you can tell from the quote). Many of his sermons are surprisingly inspirational (at least for someone like me whose knowledge of Edwards was only his very famous sermon, Sinners in the hands of an angry God:-) Thanks for the information!

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