On Sympathy for Editors

Thanks to Nick Norelli at Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth for the vote of sympathy.  ; )  By the way, Nick has a steady stream of good book reviews on interesting books.   

My friend called me last night and asked me to proof read a handbook that he’s going to be giving to new believers at our church.  I don’t remember where he said he got it from but as I was going through it I quickly became frustrated at the formatting, the seeming lack of proofreading (i.e., there are typos all over the place, wrong Scripture references, punctuation errors left and right, etc.), and the overall lackadaisical handling of Scripture (which is ironic considering that the material is littered with references to the S/spirit).   In any event, I’ll be sending it back to him with my comments either tonight or tomorrow.  I’d really like to reformat the whole thing and revise a lot of the material so we’ll see if he gives me carte blanche to do so.  But let me say this: if this is any indication of what professional editors go through then I have nothing but the utmost sympathy for them!


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