Christian Carnival CCLXXXIX

Parableman announces:

Welcome to the 289th Christian Carnival. The Christian Carnival is a weekly collection of some of the best posts of the Christian blogosphere. It’s open to Christians of Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic convictions. One of the goals of this carnival is to offer our readers to a broad range of Christian thought. For more on Christian Carnival participation, see here.


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6 thoughts on “Christian Carnival CCLXXXIX

  1. I have a christian blog where I write prophetic psalms that exalt Christ. I wonder if this would be a good blog for this carnival?

  2. Do drop by and take a look around…it is a satire blog that parodies some of so called ‘discernment ministries’ that are less than discerning. We are hoping to provoke thought about poor discernment, and that real discernment is actually difficult work with a spirit of humility.

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