Science and Religion are “Cousins” in the Search for Truth

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John Polkinghorne recently told ABC Radio in Australia.  Here’s a great insight that those who adopt scientism fail to understand:

“People sometimes say that science is about facts and religion is simply about opinion, but that’s to make a double mistake actually,” the Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne, a physicist, theologian, and Anglican priest, recently told ABC Radio National in Australia. “There are no interesting scientific facts that are not already interpreted facts, and to interpret what’s being measured, you have to use theoretical opinions. So there’s a very subtle exchange between theory and experiment in science, which means its conclusions are never absolutely certain but well-justified. Similarly, religion isn’t just a question of shutting your eyes, gritting your teeth, and believing impossible things on some unquestionable authority. It’s also concerned with the search for truth through motivated belief, but it’s a different level and kind of truth, and so it’s motivations are a different kind of motivation. But I think, under the skin, science and religion are cousins in the search for truth.”

(Via Science & Religion Today)

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