New York Teachers Paid to Do Nothing

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Phil Cooke points out the downside of public school bureaucracy in New York.

I know, I know. This is a blog about media and faith. But sometimes I have to vent. I’ve written before about how difficult it is to fire teachers in Los Angeles – even when they’re under investigation for sexual improprieties with students. Now, World Magazine reports it could be worse in New York City. According to World:

“Where can a person get paid $70,000 or more per year to play Scrabble, write a novel, or surf the internet? How about New York City’s public schools where 700 suspended teachers have waited as long as six years for disciplinary hearings. Thanks to tough union laws, these suspended teachers-accused of such acts as insubordination, lying, or cheating-receive full pay and holidays while barred from classrooms at an annual cost of $65 million, according to a recent Associated Press investigation. As cases are reviewed by arbitrators working just five days a month, teachers spend eight-hour days in designated “rubber rooms” reading, sleeping, doing yoga, painting, or generally passing the time.”

The problem with bureaucrats is they have no accountability. Their decisions have no direct influence on the bottom line. They don’t even have to get elected. As a result, they don’t make risky decisions or make the tough calls. The bottom line is the status quo continues…

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