How the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt Went to Number One on

A true and hilarious tale.  : )  As reported by The Week:

A new sub-genre of humor has just been born, said Steve Johnson in the Chicago Tribune. Call it “Customer Review Comedy.” A tongue-in-cheek post by an Amazon reviewer has turned the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt into the online retailer’s No. 1 sensation. It all happened after New Jersey law student Brian Govern reviewed the shirt, which he didn’t own, saying it “Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women.”

Sales of the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt have gone through the roof since the comedy free-for-all went viral, said ABC News. And the attention is still building—750 people have posted “over-the-top testimonials” on Amazon, and a Brooklyn comedy troupe has even posted a video on YouTube. (watch the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt comment mash-up) The T-shirt is now Amazon’s top-selling clothing item, and the attention is still building.

The craze is so out of hand that the maker of the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt—New Hampshire‘s The Mountain—appears nervous, said Meghan Daum in the Los Angeles Times. The company posted a comment on Amazon scolding some reviewers for making fun of people who buy the shirt by suggesting they’re low-class. But, come on, the snarky comments are a delightful bit of satire targeting the “nonsensical, irrelevant, and grammatically challenged” online customer review.


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