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I discovered this site when I read that Image magazine had recently acquired it.  Looks like a great resource for anyone interested in the intersection of faith and the arts.  Image gives a good summary of its features:

A&F has been around for a number of years and is particularly strong in the areas of film and music—which makes for an excellent complement to Image‘s strengths in literature and visual art. For example, A&F’s Film forum contains over 5,000 posts with nearly 80,000 replies! The range of discussions is wide, from responses to recently released films, CDs, and books to conversations about issues like the shrinking of print criticism in magazines and newspapers. Current hot topics include Angels and Demons and Rachel Getting Married in film, mewithoutYou and “New Stuff Worth Hearing” in Music, and Columbine and the late David Foster Wallace in Literature and Creative Writing. A&F is also a great place to learn more about what’s out there and what’s soon to be released. For you writers out there, the section “Work in Progress” is a terrific place to share your work and get critiques from fellow writers [Emphasis mine]. And there’s an announcement section where you can post information about your upcoming conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and more. We’re hoping that you will not only come on over to but register and post there, too. Don’t just be a lurker: dive on in and join the fun! Our existing Image Forum will be integrated into the A&F board shortly. Register at

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