10 Pressing Issues in Evangelical Theology

The blogging parson shares this insightful list.  Here are the first five:

1 – scripture
How is inerrancy best to be understood and expressed – if indeed it is the most appropriate and useful word to express and uphold the highest possible commitment of the authority of scripture? Can we move beyond the use of the word as line in the sand and actually articulate what we mean by it in the midst of a post-biblical culture? Can evangelicals actually have a mature discussion about this? (I really like what The Gospel Coalition is doing with this, actually)

2 – God
Now that the ‘openness of God’ distraction has been overcome, there still seems to be a tension between the position known as ‘classical theism’ and the more ‘biblical personalist’ position. How are the attributes of God to be addressed, then, by the biblical Christian? Does classical theism help or hinder?

3 – election
Election is always a tough one. Double or single? Have new readings of Paul made a difference to what needs to be said about Israel? What is the purpose of the doctrine of election, dogmatically speaking?

4 – the atonement
Even between those who would agree that penal substitution is an indispensible part of the Bible’s teaching on the atonement – what place does it have within the whole scope of the Bible’s teaching? How does it relate to other elements?

5 – justification
The debate between Wright and Piper over imputation reveals some faultlines. Imputation seems a necessary corollory of an evangelical testimony to justification by faith. But what are its exegetical foundations? And will ‘union with Christ’ prove to be a more fruitful model to explain this teaching? (with much good work to come from Moore’s own Con Campell) . . .

(Via Faith and Theology)

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