C. S. Lewis and Lost

This is a program I’ve never gotten into (what’s going on?), but I’ve seen a number of blogs unearthing deep philosophical and spiritual themes from the series.  Apparently, some of the writers are fans of Lewis and Narnia, as David J. Theroux explains in this post from the C. S. Lewis blog.

ABC’s hit TV series Lost continues to receive attention regarding the influence of C. S. Lewis’s books on the plot, themes and characters. Last year, character Charlotte Staples Lewis (“C. S. Lewis”) joined the series with her arrival clearly taken from Prince Caspian.

And as reported in numerous articles this winter, the plot has included many parallels to Lewis’s book The Great Divorce in which numerous people who visit the outskirts of heaven remain “lost” as they cling stubbornly and vainly to selfish ways only to prefer hell in the process.

Most recently, in addition to Narnia-like magical lands, time travel and mysterious events, Lost has featured more overt symbols from Narnia, including “The Lamp Post” positioned at the island’s entrance, just as it is found at the edge of Narnia in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Further parallels pertain to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Here are some articles that take this subject of comparison further.

“The Lost Dawn Treader?”, by Todd Hertz (Christianity Today, March 2, 2009)

‘Lost’: ‘Caspian,’ See?”, by Jeff Jensen (Entertainment Weekly, February 18, 2009)

“Lost: The ties that bind,” by Molly Lemick (San Francisco Examiner, February 12, 2009)

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