Nelson’s Expanded Bible New Testament – Free

Christian Retailing passes along this nice freebie:

Thomas Nelson is offering a free PDF of the New Testament from its upcoming The Expanded Bible, which releases in August. On his blog, Off the Shelf, publisher Wayne Hastings notes that the release is the latest in a series of “landmark” Bible products from the publisher in the past few years. He also explains the uniqueness of the Bible:
  • It meets the needs of the contemporary student of the Bible by combining devotional reading and in-depth study in a completely new way. Users can now study the Bible while they read with study aids and resources placed in-line with the text of the Bible.
  • It joins Bible text with traditional wordings, explanatory comments, additional wordings, literal meanings and expanded word definitions, all integrated within the text of the Scripture.
  • It offers readers a unique Bible study experience by making them a part of the process and decisions made by scholars while developing a translation.
The PDF download is available through Hastings’ blog or by clicking here.


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