Writers of Faith Reflect on Their Art

This book caught my attention as I read a recent Image Journal newsletter (which explores Christianity and the arts).  The title is A Syllable of Water: Twenty Writers of Faith Reflect on Their Art.  Here’s the description from the publisher’s website.

A deep well of practical and inspirational wisdom for every Christian writer

Imagine you have the chance to spend an hour or so alone with a couple of well-published writers. Imagine they share with you secrets of their art, and reveal how their art relates to their faith. This is the experience awaiting you with the twenty-two authors of this book.

In A Syllable of Water, some of today’s leading writers of faith reflect on all aspects of the writing vocation and process in ways that will inform and inspire.

Philip Yancey, Richard Foster, Luci Shaw, and others discuss everything from the tools of a writer to the ways that they spend their time when they are not writing.

Editors such as John Wilson (Books & Culture) and American Book Award-winning Cherokee poet, Diane Glancy, reflect on the value of the editor-writer conversation, as well as the power of revision.

And other writers of stature including Doris Betts, John Leax, Erin McGraw, Harold Fickett, Virginia Stem Owens, Jeanne Murray Walker, Scott Cairns, and Eugene H. Peterson offer sage advice on how to approach nearly every imaginable genre from fiction and nonfiction to memoir, poetry, and translation.


(Amazon link here)

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