Interview with Human Genome Scientist Francis Collins

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CT also has a good Q and A with Francis Collins who describes his new BioLogos Foundation that “aims to be a bridge in the debate over science and religion and provide some answers to life’s most difficult questions.”

What led you to this new project?

After my book (“The Language of God”) I got thousands of e-mails from people, many of them troubled, many of them excited, many of them puzzled by what they heard. They wanted to engage in a further discussion that would drill more deeply.

I tried to keep up with those letters and quickly found out there was no way I could. I felt bad because the point was to start a conversation and I wasn’t holding up my end. There needed to be a place to provide some kind of responses to the questions that came up over and over again, and that sounds like a Web site.

What kind of answers will the Web site give?

Many of those questions do not have straightforward answers and we’re not trying to come at them as if they’ve never been asked before. We’ve distilled some possibilities into essays of three or four pages that an interested person might find helpful. They present options for serious believers who also trust science to give reliable data, all of which are consistent with both Scripture and science. It’s not like we pound the table and say there is only one answer and here it is.

The BioLogos website is here and looks like a good resource on Christianity and science.

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