Well Said – C. S. Lewis

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

That’s a wonderful quote, which I just came across today.  It took some searching to find the source, and it seems that it originally appeared in chapter 9 of a collection of Lewis essays entitled They Asked for a Paper – now out of print.  However, it does appear in the Lewis anthology A Mind Awake (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2003).

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One thought on “Well Said – C. S. Lewis

  1. What we usually call the “mind” is in Truth and Reality an illusion creating machine and essentially a form of sleep or unconsciousness–quite literally a form of sleep-walking.

    Which creates a vast hedge of untouchable and impenetrable immunities around the fear-saturated presumed separate and always separative self.

    I wonder therefore if Lewis ever asked himself who or what he was?

    Did he ever really consider and begin to understand that every dimension or aspect of his presumed social personality was a product of the culture in which he was then living.

    Or that the culture in which he lived, including the culture of the university or academy, was already entirely trapped in and therefore patterned by the reductionist world-view of scientism.

    Have you ever considered that you are also thus trapped and patterned too?

    Was he his body, his thoughts, his feelings or emotions?

    Did he ever consider that he was just the silent Witness Consciousness in which all of his body-mind complex was spontaneously and mysteriously arising?

    Did he ever consider or investigate at a depth level the nature of all of this seemingly solid world.

    His seemingly solid body, its organs, the molecules it was made of. Then the atoms and even deeper still, the pure Primal Energy of which his body was a temporary modification, which was/is changing moment to moment.

    After all Einstein and other quantum theorists have told us that ALL of this is just eternal Primal Energy—which necessarily means that every aspect of our body-mind complex is exactly this Primal Energy too.

    Which was also the ancient Understanding of Reality altogether too (Jesus: I am the light of the world)

    If he had done that he may not, indeed would not have made such a foolish statement.

    Put in another way modern quantum science tells us that everything is light, that all of Reality—every person, every object, every iota of space and time—is nothing but waves in an ocean or infinitely bright field of radiant light.

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