New Ways to Publish Your Book

For anyone who’s interested in writing and publishing a book, social media has opened up a number of new and innovative opportunities.  One author who made good use of these to attract the attention of a major publisher is Seth Harwood.  Booksquare explains:

Over the past few years, we’ve had the special privilege of meeting some authors who not only exhibit incredible talent, but also the ability to connect with readers — in a huge way — through non-traditional means. One of those great people, author Seth Harwood, is now counting down the days to his major label debut for his first novel Jack Wakes Up (listen to our previous interview with Seth interview here).

Note the use of the phrase “major label debut”. Jack Wakes Up was picked up by a small press before attracting the notice of Three Rivers Press. Before that, Harwood podcast the novel. Oh yeah, he gave it away free. Or, he believed in his work enough to make sure it reached an audience. Harwood, who received his MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, knows one important thing: it’s the story…and a whole lot more.

In the video linked below, he talks about how he did his thing. Your results may vary, but the true lesson is that you make your own success.

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