Top 10 Money-Saving Guides for Common Purchases

I enjoy passing on helpful information like this when I find it.  Here’s a nice list of advice from Lifehacker on the best ways to save money on everything from plane tickets, to eyeglasses, to netbooks, to cars.  Worth a look.  For example:

8. Domain names and web hosts

Securing the rights to your personal or small business web name and renting some basic web space isn’t all that expensive these days. But finding a reliable, accessible, and easy-to-handle domain registrar and host isn’t just a matter of picking the lowest price. After more than 200 comment threads on the topic, our readers wiki-compiled a list of reliable and affordable web hosts. The Essential Keystrokes blog makes switching from one host to another an easy six-step process. And if you’re shocked—absolutely shocked!—that is already bought up (and parked with “Free classified ads!”), head over to Bust A Name and find another name that works for what you’re selling/promoting/posting.

3. HDTVs

HDTVs are everywhere, and every one of them has about 15 numbers, statistics, and Ultra/Enhanced/Super features they’d like you to consider. Walk right past the big yellow stickers and get the setup you actually want with Gizmodo’s guide to buying an HDTV like a pro. It jumps right past all the confusing contrast “ratios” and the like and tells you how to use your eyes, and a pair of cupped hands, to figure out if the set on the showroom floor will actually work in your living room. Speaking of living rooms, you’ll need an ideal size for your setup based on eye distance, not vanity—CNET’s HDTV setup chart and some measuring tape should get you there.

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