Cool Blogs

These are some interesting blogs I’ve recently become aware of that I recommend checking out (listed in no particular order).  I became aware of most of these through comments left on various posts here.  Thanks to everyone who has dropped by!

* – Jesus.College/Young Adult Ministry.Books. Music. Coffee. Moleskine. Tech. U2.

* Apologetics 315Christian apologetics, commentary, links, resources, audio, debates, and other stuff…

* Sensus Divinitatis News

* The Daily Scroll Links for Christians

* The Reflectionary – Reflections on issues in philosophy, theology, and whatever else I find interesting enough to write about

* Theological Scribbles Robin Parry scribbles the odd thought on various theological issues and books

* Sam James – Random thoughts on God, life, and everything in between

* Imago Christi (Russ Dennis posts on current events, books, and theology)

* Fear and Trembling – A Southern Baptist Layman Looks at Life

* Reformado ReformandomeBy Marcelo, in Espaniol

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