A Treasure Trove of Biblical Studies Reading

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If you enjoy biblical studies, James Gregory’s Blog has compiled a huge collection of links to blogs that have posted comments, essays, reviews, and the like.  This looks like a top-notch collection.

Some examples . . .

Robin Perry showed us what Calvin wrote on Lamentations 3:33 and offered a couple of thoughts.

Michael Bird suggested a change to the old adage, “Once saved, always saved,” by appending, “if saved!” Read his post, “Perseverance in Hebrews”, to find out more. In a separate post, he also provided F. F. Bruce’s thoughts on the warning in Hebrews 6:4-6. Anyone studying Romans 9:5 should consider Michael’s reference.

Ben Witherington III gave a few words regarding the recent introduction to the New Testament.

Nijay K. Gupta offered some thoughts on commentaries that are worth reading. He also gave us the table of contents of the forthcoming book, The Epistle to the Hebrews and Christian Theology.

Ken Schenck included a five-part interview series with Peter Enns (post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4, and post 5).

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