A Crash Course in Art

The Last Supper in Milan (1498), by Leonardo d...
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If you’d like to know more about art – the kind you’ll find in museums around the world – smARThistory.org features videos, podcasts, and descriptions of famous works of art, and provides explanations of their background and significance.  A great place to raise your aesthetic IQ.

A few more details via VSL.

Beth Harris and Steven Zucker, who work as art historians at MoMA and FIT, went to great lengths to create a free online art institute. We say it was well worth the effort. Their site, smARThistory, features 150-plus podcasts, 220 images, and dozens of direct links to the Louvre and other world-class museums. The lectures address individual artists, specific themes, and historical movements: Click on HIGH RENAISSANCE and listen to Harris and Zucker’s thorough dissection of Leonardo’s Last Supper. Or enjoy their 18-minute rundown of the scandal Manet’s Olympia caused in Paris in 1865. You’ll never confuse him with Monet again.

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2 thoughts on “A Crash Course in Art

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  2. Thanks for the information! I had a teacher who had a MA in art (He was my English teacher). And he introduced me the concept of “good” and “evil” through art works and movies. Such concept was very foreign to me back then. Thanks for the information again! I will check that out!

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