Free Education and Free Books

Author: Brian R.
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Ah, what a wonderful concept!  One of the best things to happen online in the last couple of years is the proliferation of free college and seminary classes and, increasingly, free access to books or portions of books.

For seminary classes, the best site by far that I’ve discovered is Biblical Training.  Here you can download complete seminary course lectures on mp3 taught by well-known evangelicals like Douglas Stuart, Robert Stein, Craig Blomberg, Bruce Ware, and many others.  All that’s required is an initial free registration.

iTunes U also has some great courses available from seminaries.

For a nice list of other sources of free learning, see the article “Top Ten Tools for a Free Online Education” posted today by Lifehacker, and this collection by Mashable.  In addition, the Open Culture blog has a comprehensive listing of courses organized by subject, and frequently posts news about other lectures and talks by prominent scholars and thinkers.

For a very nice list of sources of free e-books, see “50 Places to Find Free Books Online” posted by Education Portal.

If you know of other sources and sites, please share them in the comments section, or email me at, and I’ll post them in the future.

It’s never been easier to learn about the most interesting subjects from some of the best scholars alive today.  And that’s a real good thing.

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7 thoughts on “Free Education and Free Books

    • Thanks for those! Russ also mentioned the Covenant courses on Imago Christi. It looks like they have a wide selection.

  1. Great post Chris. I have already began listening to some of the seminary lectures. I also found some other seminaries that offer free course. You can find them at my blog, Imago Christi.

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