President Obama and Stem Cells

There’s a lot of good analysis coming out on President Obama’s handling of stem cell funding and related issues, including these good resources from the latest edition of The New Atlantis journal, available online.  Here’s a summary:

Science, Stem Cells, and Politics: The issue begins with an editorial <> on President Obama’s inaugural pledge to “restore science to its rightful place” — a misleading statement that denies his predecessor’s strong support for scientific research and distorts the proper relationship between science and other social goods. This pledge was followed by his March 9, 2009 executive order permitting federal funding for research that involves the destruction of human embryos. Several members of the President’s Council on Bioethics have responded with a statement <> taking the president to task for his misrepresentations and arguing in favor of pursuing promising avenues of research that respect ethical norms. Senior editor Yuval Levin has been closely following the new policy; you can read his coverage and the work of other New Atlantis contributors here <> .

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