Philosophical Word of the Day

With this post I begin a new feature that I hope many of you will find informative and stimulating:  A philosophical word of the day.

A very fine Theological Word of the Day exists that is maintained by Reclaiming the Mind Ministries and Christians in Context.  A quick bit of Internet research didn’t turn up any results at all for a “philosophy word of the day” (which isn’t to say it doesn’t exist somewhere out there).

Although I may not be able to deliver on a daily basis (life sometimes prevents that), I’ll aim to treat a significant philosophical term, idea, or person, and give a brief definition or explanation.  I’ll focus in particular on those words, concepts, and people that have influenced theistic and Christian thought, and the significance of that influence on Christian theology, faith, and life.

As always, I welcome your suggestions, comments, feedback, and ideas, especially if there’s a particular term, person, etc., you’d like to see addressed.  As a caveat, I admit that I am not a professional philosopher, although I have studied the subject at a graduate level.  For those new to philosophy, I hope this will be a helpful introduction, and for those who have studied it formally, I hope this will be a stimulating, ongoing review.

Depiction of St. Thomas Aquinas from

The Demidoff Altarpiece by Carlo Crivelli


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