What About Hope?

Our esteemed Guest Blogger today is Mr. Andy McGuire, acquisitions editor with Bethany House Publishers.  Andy is also the author of Rainy Day Games: Fun with the Animals of Noah’s Ark.

There are three things that remain: faith, hope, and love. Faith has gotten a slew of attention, especially since the Reformation. It’s only through faith we are saved, after all. And of course love gets a ton of press. There are shelves and shelves of books about love, both from an interpersonal perspective and a theological one.

But hope. What is it even? Faith is defined for us scripturally. Love is at least described. But hope, after being mentioned as one of the “big three” remaining things, doesn’t get much play. If it’s eternal, that makes me think it will continue with us in heaven. What will we be hoping for there? It seems like hope is more than just wishing for something, or even believing something will come to pass (that feels more like faith). But I can’t really put my finger on it. Is it the expectation that things will get better? Again, how could such a thing exist in the very presence of God?

Or maybe “better” has nothing to do with it. Perhaps we should look at hope as a simple anticipation of the next adventure, and maybe adventures within the Kingdom of God aren’t subject to comparisons and superlatives. Maybe change is, in some way, inherently good in and of itself.

I haven’t always responded to descriptions of heaven with enthusiasm. They often make the blessed afterlife seem static, a huge worship party in which nothing ever happens. But maybe we’re wrong about that. If hope does, in fact, spring eternal, then perpetual change seems to be part of the system. Or at least I hope so.

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2 thoughts on “What About Hope?

  1. I just read this article and thought it may be interesting. The author is arguing for the renewal of earthly life as redemption (transformation view). He states, “‘heaven’ simply does not describe the Christian eschatological hope.”

    “A New Heaven and a New Earth: The Case for a Holistic Reading of the Biblical Story of Redemption” (Journal for Christian Theological Reserach 11, 2006) by Richard Middleton.

  2. Hi Andy,

    I enjoyed your blog! That is a very interesting point that you brought up. What does “hope” look like in heaven? Paul said hope that we have seen is not hope at all. I look forward to seeing the hope that God has for us! — it must be heavenly:) Thanks for your good insight!

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