Children in India

Sojourner’s reports:

As Indian Growth Soars, Child Hunger Persists ”Small, sick, listless children have long been India’s scourge – ‘a national shame,’ in the words of its prime minister, Manmohan Singh. But even after a decade of galloping economic growth, child malnutrition rates are worse here than in many sub-Saharan African countries, and they stand out as a paradox in a proud democracy.”

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One thought on “Children in India

  1. Thanks for the story. It is sad to know that many Indian children are hungry and malnutritioned. It is hard to image what is like not being able to have anything to eat. Can you find any studies on this topic? Maybey, sociological studies? I would be interesting to find out why some society neglects children (though there is economic growth) and some society adores children (almost to the extent of worshipping). Thanks!

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