e-Paper and e-Ink
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Publishers Weekly reports that

Lexcycle, the company behind the Stanza e-book reader for the iPhone and iPod touch, is having a busy week. Between March 8 and 14, Lexcycle is sponsoring Read-an-e-Book Week. During this week, selected titles by co-sponsoring publishers and authors—including Random House, All Romance Books and Cory Doctorow—are available for free downloading through the iPhone-accessible Stanza online store. O’Reilly is also offering 40% off all of its titles purchased through Stanza. Other sponsors of the week-long promotion include Sony and E-Ink.

Look here for links to sponsors who are giving away free and/or deeply discounted e-books.

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One thought on “Read-an-e-Book-Week

  1. I am hoping that someone will get me Kindle in the very near future! I think it is really nice not having to carry many books!

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