Colonel Sanders Found in Osaka

The Curse is Lifted?!
Image by jpellgen via Flickr

Randy Bass, an American baseball player, led the Osaka Hanshin Tigers baseball team to a Japan Series championship in 1985—their first since 1964.

In a euphoric celebration, the Hanshin Tigers fans who most resembled players on the team jumped into the Dotonbori River.  None of them, however, resembled Bass very closely, so fans stole a Colonel Sanders statue from the local KFC and launched it into the river instead.

Unfortunately, for the next two decades, the Tigers never won another championship, and the story arose that submerging Colonel Sanders had resulted in a curse upon the team.

But you can’t keep a good man down.  Remarkably, the Colonel was dredged up from the river bed on March 10.  The BBC reports that “the colonel is in police custody, but KFC is reported to be considering donating him to the Tigers in time for the start of the baseball season next month.”

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